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Site Promotion

Once your website is in place, it is essential to publicise its presence! The number of visitors your site will receive is dependent upon the effort and resources that go into promotion.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation means optimising a website for the best possible positioning in the majority of search engines. 85-90% of all Internet users rely on search engines to locate sites, so it is essential that your site is found and recognised by the search engines. As part of building your website we work with you to generate abstracts and identify keywords for your site. Carefully selected key words and abstract phrasing will significantly improve your site’s presentation and rating by the search engines.


As standard we generate crawler pages to present your key words to the search engine robots, and implement meta tags on the higher level pages, for a more effective search engine rating.

We can also work with Google – the world's largest search engine, using its many features to highlight your site further. In particular Google’s ‘pay-per-click’ advertising system is an effective way of promoting your site. And by working with our designers, using various techniques to ensure people notice your advert, results can be achieved quickly and with minimum costs.

Email marketing

Email marketing to your existing customers and contacts has proven to be an extremely efficient, cost-effective and useful tool for promoting offers and services. We can create, manage, track & send HTML emails, advising you on the copy and creating a design that reflects your website. With our tracking facility we can keep you updated on the effects the HTML emails are having on your website and if people are choosing to visit it after receiving the email. One of the most important features that we always provide is an unsubscribe option, allowing people to remove themselves from unwanted mailing lists without any hassle.

Discuss your requirements with us

For more information regarding site promotion and search engine optimisation please contact us on: 01457 819600 or by using our online contact form.

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